Our Drivers – Keen Cargo Most Important Asset

Posted by keencargoadmin

We take driver recruitment, development and retention very seriously at Keen Cargo as they represent not only us, but your company as well. Keen Cargo is constantly recruiting in traditional and new ways to ensure we attract drivers with the most desirable and sought-after skills and temperament, those focused on safety and customer service.

Our rigorous training and development programs put our drivers to the test to ensure they are well prepared to operate the vehicles they will drive and manage the loads they will carry. Once they are part of the Keen Cargo family, we offer programs to ensure they feel valued and appreciated, and can strike a healthy work-life balance.


A key reason we are able to deliver such high quality customer experiences and positively impact our customers’ businesses is that our pool of experienced, well-trained drivers are dedicated to maintaining our customer-focused culture.

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