How to Choose Your Delivery Service

Posted by keencargoadmin

Did you just get married and now have two of everything and can hardly walk through your home? Have you opened your door to a family member in need – along with their house full of furniture? Did you inherit furniture? Did you downgrade to a smaller home? These are just a few circumstances in which you could find yourself having way too much furniture. Furniture storage may be the way to go, at least as a short-term solution, while you take inventory and try to find buyers for the excess.

At In & Out Moving & Delivery LLC, we can pick up your extra furniture and keep it in furniture storage until you are ready to have it delivered back to you. We have had customers put the furniture they plan to keep into storage while retaining what they plan to sell. Once the furniture at home is sold, they simply call us to deliver their items from our furniture storage. We can also deliver an item to a buyer if you choose.

With our services to get your belongings to and from the storage facility, you can work through the excess rather than keep paying storage fees on it for months or years. Give us a call and we will discuss with your our rates. Imagine not stubbing your toe on that extra sofa anymore!

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