Kevin Bernard

The staff were extremely professional and took care of us. Super easy to work with as well. 10/10 from start to finish.

Rmoure Moyreu

I came to Keen Cargo because the other companies kept breaking promises and underdelivering. I have used them for the past year and I can say that they’re top-notch. Even

Jimmy F

This is a great company and G and Jarek to the office people are great. I drove here for over 2 years and the only reason I had to leave was family problems but I would go back in a minute!!!! Drivers tell you good things about companies but this is a great company!!!!!


We use this company for over 3 years, communication and trucking skills up to the sky! Recommend to anyone who’s looking for 200% coverage on freight. These guys know what they do!!!

Adrian Peterson

Hired same day for team shipment, drivers were on site at customer for loading within 1-2 hrs of sending rate confirmation. Communicated the entire time and delivered a multi stop shipment for us flawlessly, even followed with up sign copy of ppw upon completion. We hope to work with them again soon and wish all our drivers operated this way. Thank you!

Marko Stankovic

Always a great experience with these guys. Top of the line operation! Highly Recommended!