Understanding the Clearing House. A Must to Know for Truck Drivers

What Is the Clearing House?

The Clearing House, officially known as the Drug and Alcohol Clearing House, is a secure online database maintained by the FMCSA. Its primary purpose is to store information related to drug and alcohol program violations for commercial drivers. This includes violations such as failed drug tests and refusals to take drug tests.

How to Use the Clearing House

1. Registration

Truck drivers should begin by registering in the Clearing House. This involves creating an account, providing necessary personal information, and accepting the terms and conditions. Use the link to register https://secure.login.gov/

2. Consent for Queries

Drivers must grant consent for their current and prospective employers to query the Clearing House database to check their drug and alcohol violation history. This consent is a prerequisite for employment. To accept a Clearing House query, follow these steps https://clearinghouse.fmcsa.dot.gov/Resource/Index/Consent-Requests-Driver

3. Notification of Violations

If a driver has a drug or alcohol violation, they will receive a notification through the Clearing House. It’s essential to address any violations promptly and follow the appropriate return-to-duty and follow-up testing procedures.

4. Checking Your Own Record

Drivers can and should check their own Clearing House records regularly to ensure accuracy. This proactive approach can help identify and correct any discrepancies or errors.

5. Assistance from Employers

Drivers can also seek assistance and guidance from their employers regarding Clearing House-related matters. Employers are well-versed in using the system and can provide valuable support.


The Drug and Alcohol Clearing House is a pivotal tool in enhancing road safety and ensuring the compliance of truck drivers with drug and alcohol testing regulations. By registering in the Clearing House, granting consent for queries, and staying informed about their own records, truck drivers play a crucial role in maintaining their clean driving records and promoting safety on the road.

Staying vigilant and proactive in using the Clearing House not only safeguards your career but also contributes to the overall well-being of the trucking industry and the safety of all road users.